National Radio Advertising

Consistent and scalable campaigns to meet your unique business needs

Radio is #1 at creating a buyer relationship for its advertisers. It consistently rates the highest in terms of cost, conversion, and advertising avoidance.

Radio reaches people by the hundreds of thousands every day and we know this because it’s always being tracked. The quality, the quantity, and the overall influence of radio is being tracked and measured every second of every day. There is a formula at work right down to the playlist on your favorite morning show.

Commercials on the radio are only a small portion of how radio influences the buyer. Radio is a highly personalized medium that can accompany you throughout the day. Whether you are in your car, your office, or on your phone you are able to listen to the radio.  Your favorite radio hosts are like loyal friends. The entire reason businesses advertise is to create an ongoing line of communication between their brand and their target audience. No matter what the trend of the moment is, media studies have consistently shown that people buy what radio is advertising.

 While advertising has indeed changed, radio still is the most powerful advertising medium there is.

  1. Radio sells offline and online.  All types of products are sold by using the radio, even the music that people listen to for free everyday sell by the thousands online. Regardless of the fact that cassette tapes and CDs have long been forgotten about, people are buying singles and even full length albums online. In the face of digital pirating, music still sells.

  2. Radio is still an advertising powerhouse with tons of people and businesses interested in its survival; even our very own government is working to make sure that radio survives. Radio serves a purpose in times of emergencies that overshadows the need to play your favorite music.

  3. Radio still sets trends and dictates other media.  While it seems like online is where it’s at, in many cases it’s not until something goes mainstream on TV or radio that the majority of people ever hear about it. What’s “trending” is usually relative to a younger audience.



We handle your entire campaign from start to finish. We get the best performing local and national network medias at the lowest possible cost without sacrificing radio’s target ability. Radio creative done by nationally renowned  voice talent.  Produced and tested with our talented copy writer and on-air voice talent.  

Low cost national radio advertising rates with highly efficient radio advertising schedules, putting your message in front of the audience that is most likely to respond and buy.

Innovative Radio Ad Performance Tracking

We know the most efficient ways to use traditional media and make it work with the modern digital world. We identify your client and what your cost is to reach that client and we find the media that reaches your client on your unique business metrics. This is the process that must happen no matter what type of media you use. Our database of media breaks down every publication, station, and show into circulation, reach, DMA, and CPM.

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