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For nearly 40 years we have been a leader in communicating the value of advertising and sharing that success with our media partners both big and small.

Media Mix Power specializes in creating targeted advertising campaigns at the lowest possible cost in today’s market.

We judge each campaign based on your unique business metrics. We understand what information is critical in making sure that each campaign is running at it’s highest capabilities to get you the most return on your investment.

Buying Power

Buying Power

Direct access to the highest quality media on the market today. When we purchase media in volume it allows smaller advertisers to receive large volume pricing once only available to big name companies.   Need Help?


Precision Targeting

Innovative Ideas

Multi-media campaigns  that reach your exact target audience where ever they are. Our database of media breaks down every publication, station, and show into circulation, reach, DMA, and CPM. Contact Us






Creative Support

We are experts at creating user friendly websites that are able to capture visitors that turn into return clients. This complete process has helped our clients to capture, retain, and follow up with each new lead that comes to your website or calls your phone. Need Help?

  • Conversion

    Once we develop a formula to generate the volume of calls you need through national radio, TV, or web advertising, our team will continue to work with you to:

    • make sure that your webpage is capturing each potential client
    • measure your campaigns overall effectiveness
    • introduce new campaigns as they come available

  • Tracking & Accountability

    Consistent success depends on campaign tracking and knowing what media is working. We create a repeat procedure that delivers the consistent stream of leads you expect to generate the sales your company needs.

  • Build & Execute

    We provide you with direct access to the largest amount of top quality radio, print, TV and web media on the market today. We help you to set budget based on your unique business needs.

Redefining the relationship between modern and traditional media.

In the last 10 years traditional media has struggled to show its continued relevance to a culture that is more concerned with clicks and impressions than one previously accustomed to hand written letters, personal phone calls, and handshakes.  As our everyday interactions with media continue to change, we continue to strive to help traditional media become more understood in an almost entirely online world.

Our process is simple. We identify your client and what your cost is to reach them. We then find the m edia that reaches your target audience on your unique business metrics. Our database of media breaks down every publication, station, and show into circulation, reach, DMA, and CPM. We buy media in volume allowing smaller advertisers to receive large volume pricing. Target a specific audience or promote your brand nationwide. Build your brand and promote more response from those people that are most likely to respond and buy your product

Every thing we do is to improve your media results while working to reduce your risk and increase your ROI. 

Whether you are looking to generate response nationally or at a hyper local level we can help you no matter your medium of choice.  We offer: National Radio Advertising, National TV Advertising, Classified Newspaper Advertising.  We can help you Advertise on radio, advertise in newspapers, advertise on TV or Advertise in Magazines nationwide at great rates.  Call us at 877-211-7566










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